Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Epson scanner warmup problem in Linux

Today I reached the holy grail, the ancient motherboard and ancient Epson scanner is working under Ubuntu, the last device that refuse to work.

With the kernel upgrade, the know problem of my most ancient motherboard is gone all of a sudden.  The motherboard temperatures can be detected and I can use it to run something hot, rather than sitting pretty.

My ancient Epson USB scanner always work under Windows.  But my other things wouldn't work nicely in the ancient mother boards.

Firstly, in Ubuntu, you need the sane package installed for scanners.  Try type the command xsane.  If you don't have it installed, follow the instructions to install it or just fire up the package manager.  The sane package will be chain installed in order to get the GUI front-end working.

Type the command

#scanimage -L

to check if your scanner is recognized.   For some Epson scanners, you can see the name of the so called backend, some sort of driver - plustek.

My scanner is recognized, responded, but hanged after scan started with no messages.

Ignore what Epson have to say and their recommendation of drivers for Linux.  It is way too out dated.

Go to /etc/sane.d

Edit plustek.conf file (sudo)

option warmup -1
option warmup 60

Then my scanner works.  If they still don't, edit all the epson*.conf files.  Comment out the scsi lines.

Fire up your scanner with xsane and be patient.

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