Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric shared network printing

Shared printers over the network used to be so simple in Linux, as long as your printer is connected to any computer.  Even Windows is doing quite well.

Not anymore.  In Oneiric, you can't set the printer via the system settings any more.  You have to go through your own internet.  Browse to http://localhost:631, the standard CUPS interface.

And then what?  Who cares?  Can I print now?

First go to your server, the computer to which the printer is connected.  Check the printer tab if you see your printer.  Then go to the admin tab to enable most if not everything on the server list.

Then go to, say, your netbook.  Browse to the same interface.  Check the printer appears in the printer tab.  Then you also have to enable most if not everything on the server list, while your netbook is obviously the client.

If I know that I would have pay a few dollars more for a wireless printer.

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