Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free Fast VPN proxies 2

For free proxies, Ultrasurf is still going strong, with constant updates to defeat censorship.

I do a lot of things on Amazon EC2, still free, including as a VPN server.  You can install a proxy server but ultimately you want to use other package other than browser, and that you want encryption.  A VPN may not be that slow because it uses UDP instead of TCP for transport.  Your own VPN is a lot faster than a public proxy, and you won't even feel it when browsing.

I install Openvpn myself.  But somebody should create an image with Openvpn securely installed, and all the configurations including the firewalls.  On the client side, we need someone to show us how to configure the VPN settings in Ubuntu elegantly so that you can easily switch between VPN and no VPN.  At the moment I kill the client whenever I need to switch and also set the DNS server.

I was surprised that TOR has documented how to use it as a VPN, directing all net traffic through it.  It's really not that bad when it's not at the peak hours, and you can have your private TOR node on EC2 to speed things up.

TOR is supposed to be hard to trace, unless you are big brother targeting someone known.  EC2 and other VPN and proxies suffers from more or less the same fate.  You don't know what the server does with your real IP.  Do you trust a company that you never heard of not to log your IP.  Or if they are small, nobody cares what they do.  It is possible that Amazon don't need to log any IP, because they are just hiring some hardware to you and you are responsible for the rules, like DMCA take downs.

Being untraceable, TOR IP's are usually banned when it matters.  EC2 and other small companies (probably using EC2 or other clouds) are not likely to be banned.  If you ban Amazon IP's, you are banning many services provided in the cloud.  Ec2 has the advantage that whenever you reboot, you have another IP (something like that). 

You need a credit/debit card to register for EC2 but a gift card will do.

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