Monday, December 17, 2012

Google Voice will be free for 2013

That's my educated prediction.

If GV charges, it will be competing with SIP companies, who are dropping like flies with new small flies to replace them constantly.  Google won't do that unless they are short of cash to keep the service.   They aren't short of that type of cash.  And they could find some way to find cash for that, like advertising in GV in some form like gmail.

GV will be used for something big, much bigger than competing with half dead small fishes for 1cent a minute.  Not, unless they have to care for the small changes.

To understand the Google conspiracy, you have to take off the sim card of your Android Phone and look at the screen.  What do you see?

Emergency service

Got it?  Google is not interested in landlines because they are NOT connected to the INTERNET.  And Google will be very careful not to upset wired and wireless carriers and ISP's.  Google will break out in a big way when they have to power to call the shots.

What landline replacement?  That's a silly thing to do.  Think about landline enhance.  Got it now?

Only the poor will replace their $30 landline with $15 wireless landline from Walmart.  Or buy Obi to use with GV.  May be add a state of the art cordless phone system in all rooms.

Your Android phone is the best landline replacement & enhancement.  You can immediately download sipdroid or talkatone apps and try it with GV.  No configuration needed other than giving out your password to GV.  (You can always create a new gmail/gv account for that.)  Sipdroid will give you HD Voice for free.  Every Android phone have decent mic and earpiece and power for codec/equalizer if needed.  Landline carriers cannot compete because they cannot give you wideband signal without changing all their system.  Phone companies are usually also ISP's.  They are not providing you very cheap phone calls on their internet unless they are forced to.  Others have to do it.  And that's the reason they drop like flies.  Remember sunrocket?   No business uses landline anymore because they heavy use justify moving over to sip internet.  You can't squeeze money out of cheap home users who are not willing to pay $30 a month.  Sunrocket found out the hard way.

A spare cheap Android is on the way to my home. That will be the landline enhancement, ditching narrow band voice to wideband voice.  And that's not the type of replacement people have been talking about for years.  It's the kind of replacement that little kids can use and can call 911, just like old POTS.  The caller ID of both incoming and outgoing will be exactly as Grandma expected.  No fiddling.  Just pick up the phone and press the virtual number pad.

As for E911, I don't even want to spare $1 a month for SIP providers.  Check the google map on the Android.  The GPS with aid from internet is right at my house most of the time.  At most it goes to the yard of my neighbor.  Power backup and phone backup are all figured out.  I have to admit traditional landline are more reliable but ... old phone companies dont maintain rural areas that much, and new phone companies are also ISP's.  Go figure.

I shouldn't give out too much.  But Sprint is rolling silently rolling HD voice on mobile.  Iphone is capable but carriers are not interested.  I will tell you more when I dumped all my cordless / answering machines on ebay.

You can't use Google Voice on mobile phones without going through the carriers and pay for it.  You know what Google is dealing with.

A spare Android connects to the internet via wifi.  Once on the interent you can use GV at will without paying anybody a cent.  Carriers rule the air, ISPs rule the cables.  FB may rule the internet someday.  But Google rules the internet AND mobile now.

Update: Google lead phone price war in 2003

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Great Commentary! I agree with you! I use an OBI100 and Google Voice and got all of my family members to do the same :-)

I liked it so much I made a Tutorial on how to do it: